How do i spank my husband

Only when I chose to give my submission freely to my husband, whether he would discipline me or not, is when he actually stepped up with the spanking and discipline. Knowing I would do my best to submit, not expecting him to do that bit of work for me through having to spank me etc, allowed him that space to truly be the head of household. How I started spanking my husband. My husband, Ed, is a wonderful man. Better than most by most standards. He is loving and caring, and faithful. There is little about him not to like. Yet he does have his problems. I still have to spank Ed from time to time to remind him of his responsibilities. I've also found other things to spank him over. I spank my husband but sometimes feel it has not been effective. I have left go a few times and the effect on him was dramatic.I would like to do that more often but how do you know when to stop. He begs and whines after the first ten so that doesn't tell me much and he has only cried twice so I .
how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband
Sep 07, 2015 · The best way to spank any partner is the way you have negotiated with them, something that is unfortunately missed in many of the other answers to this question. Talk to your husband about what his needs and desires are, what your needs and desires are, . Apr 15, 2010 · yes spank him if that is what he wants you to do. I want to be spanked and chocked and have my hair pulled and it is frustrating that my fiance won't do it. so at least try it Status: Resolved. I do spank my husband. Sometimes he’s bent over a table and other times over my knees. He dislikes being over my knees because he knows while he’s being spanked I will put a dildo in him. He finds that very embarrassing. I keep him shaved and in panties. Last week, he was a jerk when two of my long time friends were over.
how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband

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Is it normal my husband spanks me + Favorite. 81% Normal 14 Comments I'm 25 and have been married a year. Most men who spank do it for a combination of all these reasons. Some men spank because their wives have asked them too. I for one feel more protected and cared for because my husband spanks me. Of course alot of people dont engage in. How I Spank My Husband April 28, 2008 Rose and Terry F/M, Husband Spanked by Wife, I Spank 3 Rose has very limited tolerance for bad behavior from her husband Terry. Spanking My Husband I spank my husband Evan for fun in our sex life. Evan has a love-hate relationship with spanking: he loves the idea, but he hates it when it happens. Evan and I are well: we are just busy with work. I still spank him regularly, and we are very happy. but as this post is my 200th, I thought I would do something a.
how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband

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how do i spank my husband
how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband how do i spank my husband
how do i spank my husband
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